Michael Mastous
Michael MastousPresident/Owner
“Yesterdays hits…Don’t win today’s ball games. We operate under a simple and enduring philosophy that we begin each day anew and unproved so we must strive every morning to surpass our victories of the previous day, never resting upon our laurels, never forgetting to seek perfection in our work.
Each of our customers is having their first and hopefully their last experience with us. We know that we have only one chance to make this experience as pleasant and worry-free as possible under the stressful circumstances. One chance to make an impression, one chance to make someone’s life a little easier.”

Our Mission

President and founder Michael Mastous started Delta Disaster Services nearly a decade ago. Michael spent the early part of his career serving at a director level for two service franchises, one of which being National, the other, International. After this, Michael moved into the insurance space, as a large loss adjuster.

Michael was a part of a catastrophe adjusting team for the Hurricane Katrina impacted areas of New Orleans as well as other notable national disasters. During that time Michael also assisted many firms in fraud investigations, many times being called upon for expert testimony during litigation.

Throughout his early career, Michael continually saw the holes in the business models’ of insurance restoration companies, and from that Delta Disaster Services was born. He sat out to create a company that was full service, being able to address both the emergency services portion of a loss, but also to see the project through to the reconstruction. Michael also wanted Delta Disaster Services to be insurance friendly, being able to work hand and hand with insurance carriers to create the best possible experience for homeowners. In 2006, Michael entered the very competitive Denver market and opened Delta Disaster Services of Denver, a full-services insurance restoration company. In their first 5 years of business the company grew exponentially, during one of the worst economic times our nation has seen. Delta Disaster Services also began to grab the attention of the larger insurance carriers, becoming a company they could trust to not only have their policy holder’s best interest in mind, but to also work directly with the insurance carrier to make the entire process seamless. Delta Disaster Services is now the premier restoration firm in the United States. Every job we touch we set out to create “Peace of Mind…During Uncertain Times”.

Delta Disaster Services

No matter the size of the job we can help you. We are fully equipped to get you back to normal, fast!

  • Flood & Water Damage
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Mold & Environmental Testing
  • Contents Restoration
  • Construction

Peace of Mind Starts With Delta.

We are highly trained and certified in mitigation, remediation, restoration and reconstruction. We are also intimately familiar with the insurance industry and will work closely with all insurance carriers to ensure that a reasonable and fair settlement is reached and that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.